2022 March 13

Clear skies ahead for my future in writing. I am so happy that you are here with me on this journey.

No one ever truly knows what the future holds. We can only hope, wish, dream.

This year I began on a new story. I am taking a different approach to writing this one. My goal is that it will be ready for self-publish around October as it’s timeline is winter. I don’t want to give away too much as it is still in the outline polishing part. All I will say is that it is what I like to read. Which is fast paced intrigue and romance with comedy.

A Long Road

Being a Wife, Mom, Dog Mom who is writing in my off time while working on an assembly line 40 hours a week. Can make finding the balance between family, hobbies, and dreams/goals a hard balancing act. Sometimes one or more of the hats I’m wearing can block the view of the balls I’m juggling. (No, I can’t juggle.) Hopefully I don’t leave it lying on the ground too long letting it get dirty and kicked under a porch waiting to be found someday when there are less balls in the air. Basically, I am writing. I am creating. And I am just like everyone else who is trying to get a foot on that porch with that forgotten ball in hand.

Pictures? Yeah, I do that.

I love to take pictures of nature. Specifically the sky. I do also snap pics of whatever catches my eye, be it in the woods or in the city.

My first camera was a Polaroid with a flash bar you had to change out. I still have that camera come to think of it. I don’t use it anymore. I keep it for a number of reasons. The main one being that it is my first camera! My parents bought my brother and I each a Polaroid for our 1980’s trip to Disney World. From there I was snapping pics of everything. I eventually received a Kodak 110 camera. Snapping pics of friends, family, pets and of course… the outside world!

I still have a picture I took during one summer trip to spend a week with my Grandparents in West Virginia. It was just a simple scene and one that many would just drive past not thinking anything about. Trees had been cut to make room for transmission towers, to run down the mountain. You know those really big electric towers that can be as tall as 150 feet. Yep, those ones. Well, being on the mountain I looked down into that cut valley with the new growth and how far it stretched. Below the fog was still nestled in that valley. The way it was rising up and the shade made my adolescent mind create a waterfall. (Just like how the tops of some clouds when you are in a plane can look like castles.)

In short… yes, I take pictures. If you would like to take a look click on the tab in the menu titled Photos. {pics will be updated infrequently} {those are also pics of mine on the home page}


In a few days a new year will start. The world will celebrate the end of 2020. Many will be looking forward to 2021 as a new beginning. A beginning to the end of a nightmare that was the previous year. New hope. New dreams. New challenges.

Whatever the new year brings to you personally I hope you thrive and are successful in your endeavors. May the new year bring you love, family, friends, and enlightenment.