In a few days a new year will start. The world will celebrate the end of 2020. Many will be looking forward to 2021 as a new beginning. A beginning to the end of a nightmare that was the previous year. New hope. New dreams. New challenges.

Whatever the new year brings to you personally I hope you thrive and are successful in your endeavors. May the new year bring you love, family, friends, and enlightenment.

Ghost Story

With Halloween being so close I thought I would share a personal real life supernatural or otherworldly story.

When I was very young like around 6-8 years old I was watched by something. The foot of my bed faced closet door. it was always open just because I was a kid and had some toys inside. The hanging rods ran the depth of the closest on each side of the door so when the door was open you could walk in and turn around freely. The closest was small perhaps five foot wide by three foot deep. I tell you this because, I used to see three human shaped beings coming out of my open closet door. They weren’t solid rather they were light particles formed together. One in the middle and one on either side with their shoulders just behind the middle one. They would always take like two steps out and then stop stand there for a bit and then vanish. I would always be asleep before hand. It could be the sense of being stared at or those beings could have woken me up. I don’t know. I did notice that they wouldn’t show up if the door was closed. So I tried to make sure the door was shut before I went to bed. Sometimes I would forget or it’d be cracked open a bit and then they would show up again.

One night I woke up to those beings again. However this time they didn’t stop at just two steps. They kept comping to me. I started screaming for my Mom and Dad. The beings were now touching the foot of my bed by the time my Mom flipped on the light. Of course my parents didn’t believe me. They thought I was having a nightmare and let me sleep the hallway light on. I always shut my bedroom closet doors after that and as a result I’ve not seen them since.

I’m fourth-seven and that still gives me chills. And I will never sleep in a room with an open closet door. I don’t freely share that story with obvious reasons. It still shakes me to my core.

I always thought I was alone in what I experienced. One day after sharing my story with a friend she told me her husband had the exact same thing happen to him. We are the same age. We went to the same schools. We graduated together.